Liberté coaching for women          

  "Vrijheid is het kunnen schrijven van je eigen verhaal".  

Liberté coaching for women

"Freedom is being able to write your own story".

do you experience restlessness? Don't you feel happy? Do you want it differently, but don't know how? 


I too have had all these feelings, until I realized it was about time I started to organize my life the way I want and what makes me happy.

The goal of the coaching is to ensure that you are challenged to investigate what gives you the most energy and what makes you most happy, so that together we can make a plan to create the life that suits you best.
Together with you I will look through a number of coaching sessions that make you feel most happy. W
e will make a plan together how you can realize this. I use many techniques from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

NLP is about discovering how you do things and how you can change this behavior if desired. It is also important how you perceive things and how you can respond to them more effectively.
The NLP methodology makes it easier to achieve your goal if you know what your goal looks, sounds and feels like. In addition, NLP helps to formulate goals in a meaningful and effective way, so that they are appealing and motivating. If you want a different result, you have to do something else.

I mainly coach by Zoom or other online options.
If you want coaching at a location, that is also possible. That could be a walk in the woods or a cup of coffee in a cafe. I do real life coaching in the area of Arnhem and surroundings. the duration of the conversations are negotiable. I give online coaching for a maximum of half an hour and more frequently than real life coaching. Appointments are also possible in the evening or at the weekend.

Much is possible in consultation.

Became curious?
I offer you the first introductory meeting online or live for free!

Take back control of your own life and make the step towards change.

There is often much more possible than you think!!